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Frequently Asked Questions


1)What is the purpose of SaintPath?


We have a passion for inspiring people of all ages to grow deeper as disciples of Jesus. 

The process we use is Interior Life Education. 

The goal is deepening inner union with Jesus…. learning to let go to Jesus in us daily.

We do this by applying scripture and the living wisdom of the Saints.

We will partner with parishes, ministries and groups to make Interior Life Education available to all. A well developed interior life is foundational for preparing the next generation for the challenges they will face. We believe it is time to…


“Launch into the Deep.” -St John Paul ll


“Many not understand that they could become Saints if they would let themselves be formed by the grace of God, if they did not ruin his plans by resisting the work he wants to do.” -St Ignatius Loyola


2)What does SaintPath offer?


Interior Life Education for all!


“It is fatal to forget that "without Christ we can do nothing" (cf. Jn 15:5). It is prayer which roots us in this truth. It constantly reminds us of the primacy of Christ and, in union with him, the primacy of the interior life and of holiness.” -St John Paul ll


In the current global situation, SaintPath is offering:

▪️ ONLINE TEACHINGS through Podcasts & recorded talks that are simple, interactive and highly practical. They can be used by groups, individuals, families, and organizations.


▪️ MUSIC TO PRAY WITH during these days of isolation or to help your family wind down for the evening… these original songs were written specifically for meditation and contemplation…find rest in the Heart  of Jesus.


▪️The SaintPath One Day Retreat

This retreat is a practical introduction to the core practices of SaintPath Interior Life Education.

Consider this retreat for a one day opportunity for deep renewal and practical growth in the spiritual life. It is a map and compass for the life-long process of SaintPath, introducing you to the 5 Daily Interior Life Practices of Saints. It can be offered in any group setting, at a parish level, or at conference.


▪️SaintPath is available for retreats, seminars, and conferences on a limited basis.

Our overall goal is not just giving talks but coaching individuals, families, parishes and groups how to experience long term renewal.



3)What if I want to talk over something?


If you want to brainstorm, ask a question, or partner with us in some way… we are glad to talk with you.

Call or email us.


4)Why do you focus on the teachings of the Saints?


The Saints in the Catholic and Orthodox traditions represent the ideal of following Jesus totally and completely. Everything we teach has a Scriptural basis and we demonstrate how it was lived out by the Saints. Saints are our wise brothers and sisters and their teaching and practice helps us to see the path ahead and go deeper as disciples.



"It is the great multitude of the saints — both known and unknown — in whose lives the Lord has opened up the Gospel before us and turned over the pages; he has done this throughout history and he still does so today. In their lives, as if in a great picture book, the riches of the Gospel are revealed. They are the shining path which God himself has traced throughout history and is still tracing today. ... The saints ... are the true reformers. Now I want to express this in an even more radical way: only from the saints, only from God does true revolution come, the definitive way to change the world.” – Pope Benedict



5)How can I get involved?


NETWORK - We encourage everybody to help us build an online network of people who want to to walk the Path of Saints. 

LEARN -  the principles being taught on this website. They are life transforming especially when we deepen them over time.

COMMIT - PRACTICE - DEEPEN - over a lifetime. All of these teachings represent

the Interior Core Practices that the Saints used in daily life.

BUILD - a practicing community wherever God has placed you. We all need to gather

around the fire of the Spirit of Jesus and allow him to warm our lives. This is the moment. Now is the time. We are all one Body in Christ.

DONATE - to the work of SaintPath to expand the teachings of Interior Life Education.



“Dare to be Saints!”  - St. John Paul ll

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